Are you looking for something slightly different to give to your clients and staff? Bored with pens and mugs? Why not give a quality handmade gift tailored to your needs?

PHILOSOAPHY ENTERPRISE specializes in producing custom made soap for corporate gifts. The luscious skin loving soap is made to your specifications - your colour and your fragance. It can be stamped with your company logo and is available in a beautiful gift box.

The benefits of choosing Philosoaphy for your corporate gift needs are :
 Your company will be noticed because you are giving something quite different from the norm.
 You can strengthen your company image. Your logo can be stamped on the soap and placed on the packaging.
 Your gift is handmade and very high quality.
 People who receive your soap will think of you everyday! Your soap is a practical and useful gift, one that people can use immediately in the shower or bath.

Options to create your own soap are very flexible, depending on your needs.

If you care about the experience your guests have whilst staying with you, you will no doubt care about what they use on their skin during their stay. Philosoaphy offer the perfect boutique body product - handmade soap made from skin loving oils.

Design a product that captures the very essence of your spa or accommodation experience. Our handmade soap can be designed to reflect your guest values - with or without colour and fragance. Bar size is also flexible and can be tailored to suit your average occupancy time.

The benefits of choosing Philosoaphy for your guest needs are :
 You can immediately differentiate yourself from your competition by highlighting your attention to detail for guests.
 You can tailor your soap to reflect your location and guest experiences.
 You can extend sales opportunities by providing small soaps for room use and sell full sized soaps in your beauty salons.
 You can add to your accommodation experience with other products from Philosoaphy range ideal for boutique resorts.
 Philosoaphy toiletries are handmade from quality oils.

Are you hosting a special event? Are you giving the delegates a memorable gift to mark the occasion? A quality handmade soap from Philosoaphy ensures that your delegates get a gift as special as the event they are attending. You can customize each bar with the logo from the event, and include specific event copy on the label to mark the occasion.

Design a soap that captures the moment - a special logo for the event, a certain fragrance for the experience, a particular colour reminiscent of the occasion. A boxed handmade soap means your gifts can be included in a show bag or easily distributed at the end of the occasion.

The benefits of choosing Philosoaphy for your special occasion are :
 You have an opportunity to give a gift designed to be as special as the occasion itself.
 You can customize the soap to reflect your event. For example, select a lavender essential oil to be used in the soap at a wedding event, or an event logo for a trade fair.
 Your event will be remembered long after it is over! Philosoaphy product can be used immediately in the shower or bath.
 Your gift is handmade and high quality.

Philosoaphy team is expert soap markers - we will take the time to really understand your event and make recommendations tailored to your goals.

If you don't have an idea in customizing your own soap or in cost-saving situation, hoping to capture the eye and heart of customers or friends in the events or occasions, we have ready-customized soaps for you. Choose your favourite designs, give us a call or send an email with your contact details and our sales representative will be in contact with you shortly.

Finest quality of transparent soap base is available in Philosoaphy. For manufacturers, education institutions and individuals handmade-soap makers etc, we welcomed your orders. You do not have to purchase through middleman anymore as you can get directly from Philosoaphy in affordable price with finest quality.

Love our soaps design and wish to stamp on your company name or images? Yes, we are able to do hotstamping and embossing on soaps.

Our experienced quality control team will make sure that your orders are done to the quality that you are expecting.